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Ultra-Secure & Convenient Smart Fingerprint Padlock

Ultra-Secure & Convenient Smart Fingerprint Padlock

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"Ultra-Secure & Convenient Smart Fingerprint Padlock: Your Keyless Solution for On-the-Go Protection"

Elevate the security of your personal belongings with the revolutionary WiFi Digital Electronic Fingerprint Lock, a versatile and robust solution for bicycles, suitcases, drawers, and outdoor uses. Made from high-quality zinc alloy, this smart lock is designed to offer utmost security without the hassle of keys or combinations. It can store up to 10 sets of fingerprints, allowing for quick access with just a short press to unlock. Setting up or deleting fingerprints is straightforward—simply hold the button for 3 seconds to set a new fingerprint or 6 seconds to delete, making it convenient to manage access for family members or trusted individuals.

Not only is this padlock incredibly user-friendly, but it also boasts an IP65 waterproof rating, ensuring it stands up to the elements, whether you're securing a backpack in the rain or a warehouse door. Powered by a long-lasting 300mAh 3.7V lithium battery, it promises up to a year of standby time, so you're less likely to find yourself locked out due to a dead battery. Plus, with Tuya Smart Life app control, managing access and monitoring use becomes a breeze from your smartphone, adding a layer of convenience to security. Compact in size (57.725.288.5mm) yet formidable in function, this fingerprint padlock is the ideal security lock for everything from handbags and luggage to cabinets and more, offering peace of mind wherever you go.

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