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Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro Tablet PC 13 Inch 2K Screen Snapdragon 870 Octa-Core 8GB RAM 256GB ROM Android 11 Battery 10200mAh Tablet

Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro Tablet PC 13 Inch 2K Screen Snapdragon 870 Octa-Core 8GB RAM 256GB ROM Android 11 Battery 10200mAh Tablet

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Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro Tablet PC 13 Inch 2K Screen Snapdragon 870 Octa-Core 8GB RAM 256GB ROM Android 11 Battery 10200mAh Tablet

Audio and video mode

The 13-inch 2K resolution screen and 4 JBL acoustics provide an extraordinary audio-visual experience

Extended screen mode

It supports HD MI IN and can be your second screen

Creative mode

It is a hand canvas that supports a small new stylus 4096 level pressure sense faithful restore writing drawing notes

Suspension model

With multi - functional bracket, can be hung anywhere

Extraordinary appearance, highly luxurious material

Along the YOGA tablet family characteristic scroll test design It is both recognizable and practical Newly designed CNC integrated stainless steel bracket High strength and durability, 180-degree reversal to expand the use of the scene The interior of the Alcantara sports car is made of environmentally friendly materials, and the suede feels outstanding

An amazing large screen opens a gorgeous visual experience

13 inch screen, bearing the 2 k high resolution, high 400 nits brightness and 100% high sRGB color gamut, visual experience"Gold according to proportion, with either horizontal or vertical hold, you can see more wonderful contentRhine TUV low blu-ray certification "is more, low blue and no stroboscopic one pace reachs the designated position, not to give the eye increase burden

JBL big cavity four speakers Dolby is in full tune

Four JBL high-power sound field, at the bottom of the speakers have big 5 cc tome cavity support SmartAMP power increased, the total output power up to 9 w large amplitude and frequency division design is unique, with dolby sound panoramic soundComparable to cinema level shock sound experience

Plug in the HD MI port and turn into a portable display

Built-in Micro HD MI interface, support HD MI input functionAt any time become a good partner of mobile computer gamesCan switch between 16:9 and 16:10 according to proportion, relaxed fit all kinds of equipment

Qualcomm Snapdragon 870

Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 flagship processor, Octa-Core configuration, the highest frequency of 3.2 GHzCooperate with 8 gb LPDDR5 it 3.0 + 256 gb memory storage, easy to deal with office daily application, multitasking and high-energy game

10200mAh large battery, away from battery anxiety

Built-in 10200 mah large capacity battery, the default brightness and volumeTablet mode sustainable 12.7 hours playing video, the display mode of sustainable play video no life troubles, 8.5 hours is self-confidence

TOF + facial recognition , Le language intelligent assistant

Front-facing camera with ToF sensors, picked up the wake up, face the unlock step to log inSound "is is" can awaken the music voice, want to see, want to ask, just ask it, soft touchCan even take you to watch TV, directly support the CCTV and the national multiple local TV channelsIntegrated sound elephant Al calls noise reduction, voice more clear cut

ZUI 12.5, intimate good system

Latest ZU1 12.5, 11 development based on Android, many global optimization with applications for flat landscape, can force does not support the landscape application in landscape mode support used for screen, a single application can be projected to the external screen, implement applications open

Computer mode, easy switching, multi-window efficient operation

Can manual switch model, a computer keyboard support, window type more efficient operation experience

Learning assistant easily set

ZUI bring learning assistant, entrance for parents to provide convenient managementEasily arrange tablet daily use time, to protect children vision and physical and mental health, intelligent management coursesCan also be through WeChat small program to check the tablet usage, make tablet to help children grow up healthy and efficient learning good assistant

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