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Automatic Digital Wifi Smart Rim Door Lock

Automatic Digital Wifi Smart Rim Door Lock

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Introduce convenience and security into your home with the Automatic Digital Wifi Smart Rim Door Lock featuring TTLOCK APP. This state-of-the-art waterproof fingerprint door lock, model R07, offers a seamless blend of technology and practicality, ensuring your home's safety is always at the forefront. With five unlocking options—App, Fingerprint, M1 Card, Passcode, Wristband, or Key—you'll enjoy unparalleled ease of access while benefiting from features like auto-lock and anti-peep password technology for added peace of mind. Installation is straightforward, thanks to the comprehensive instruction guide. The lock's design allows for adjustment to either left-side or right-side handle orientations to suit your door's setup, accommodating door thicknesses of 35-65mm.

Enhanced control is at your fingertips through the TTLOCK APP, compatible with Android 4.3 or iOS 7.0 and above, offering the ability to check unlocking records, share temporary codes/ekeys, and manage access for visitors, tenants, and service personnel. Remote unlocking is possible with a gateway connection to your home WiFi network, allowing for the distribution of temporary passcodes and real-time access logs viewing. The lock's emergency battery backup system alerts you when power is low, with the convenience of temporary charging via any micro-USB power source. Constructed with a waterproof aluminum lock panel and an acrylic touch screen keypad, this smart door lock combines durability with modern aesthetics to fit seamlessly into your home.

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