About us with services

Have you fallen out of love with your computer? Is it running slowly, or not at all?

Welcome to DC Computers our “Family Style” computer company.  Many businesses, students, and recreational computer users find a new home with us.  Computers can be frustrating and when they fail, cost a lot of money to get working again.  That’s where the “Family Style” approach to our customers comes in.  We give a free evaluation of your situation and give you a few options of what can be done to solve the problem.  We make you informed, so you can make a decision that will work for you.

Many customers have bought our Lenovo computers, Malwarebytes virus scanners, (just to name a few products) and had us configure their PC’s in store and at their location.  With the combination of the products and services we offer most find computer problems are a thing of the past, that’s when you know you are a part of the D.C. Computer Family, we have your back and your best interest at heart.



In-store Repair Centre

Call us to book onsite repair appointment or Emergency Rush service. Fast in store repair is usually done in 1 – 2 days. Booking an in-store repair appointment makes sure that your computer is looked at right away. Repair inspections are free, and we always provide an estimate of the work required.  Once you confirm that this estimate is appropriate, we begin our work.

Remote Online Support

If you can’t get to us, then remote access support is available.  Your computer’s issues can be determined and resolved through online troubleshooting.  Call us at 905-857-7833 to book your online support.

On-Site Service

Your home or office might require us to come to you, so we make it easy. With over 26 years of knowledge and experience, we know how to get the job done right.

Customer Service

Our computer services, sales, and repair store staff provide a friendly greeting when you walk in. We take pride in showing our customers all the different computer products and computer services in store.  If you have a technical question that the staff in the front can’t answer, a computer tech will be brought out to answer that question for you.

We offer onsite help or an emergency rush service.  Products and services are fully explained in clear laymen’s terms so that you are able to make informed decisions on your computer needs.

One time, a customer brought in an HDMI cable for us to test.  It turned out to be defective and two weeks past the warranty, however, staff replaced the cable, free of charge. We may not be able to do that with everything we sell, but we do believe that if there is a way to make a situation better we will – we are that kind of store.