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HOME Classic Plan

HOME Classic Plan

Announcing our monthly subscription HOME CLASIC Plan for remote computer services:

  • Up to 2 computers service, 1 tablet or 1 smart cell phone
  • Fixing common computer problems like viruses, pop ups, updates, printer scanner setup, parts install.
  • Fixing website and internet nagging problems like web pages don’t load, web cam or video not working.
  • Solving email, password problems and logins. 
  • Basic smart cell phone and tablet help and instructions.
  • Parts installs include ram, CPU, hard drive, video card, basic laptop keyboard, standard laptop screen replacement
  • 4 remote repair sessions from our tech room to your home, 20 minutes each session.
  • Other work out of the scope of the above work like Windows install, clone HD, mother board repair 50% off
  • $200 per month, billed monthly, 1 year contact


  • $225 per month, billed monthly, 1 year contact
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